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Clothed in Humility

Colorado's newest collective devoted to spreading love, creativity, and artistic passion with humility through humanism.

A movement that reinforces the importance of living in raw happiness and spreading positivity throughout humanity.


The message behind Humbly Human is to embrace vulnerability and humility in this generation of "over media stimulation". It is almost impossible to not cave to a self obsessed society. We all do it, and secretly loathe our "selfie" obsession. Deep down we all just want LOVE. Lets find love, not from how many "likes" we get, RATHER a fierce sense of self resulting in humility. We are starting a MOVEMENT. The Humbly Human Movement. Sometimes being humbled is exactly what our soul is screaming for and the descent into darkness is where we find peace. We are all just human. 

Our clothing promotes a non judgemental society. Celebrating the importance of finding your own true passion, style, and being. Simply embracing humility. The clothing is a reflection of the artist in all of us. The line is primarily denim based art and has a very naturally human, stripped down, authentic & artistic look. 

Jasmine is the energy behind this movement. Her passion is everything beautiful. Clothing, photography, art, music, life! Having come from a single mother, she understands being HUMBLE all too well but has found a profound sense of self and determination through humility. "The clothes are my voice" Artistically she whispers.

We are all Humbly Human. The brand is devoted to spreading love, creativity, gratitude, white energy, vulnerability, and passion. The movement is not a scream rather a whisper. Whispering a soft brush against your cheek suggesting maybe.. just maybe there is more peace in being humble than vain and being human means we are amazing and sometimes we do in fact suck.. but we are always trying our best. 

Whispering Globally... I AM HUMBLY HUMAN